Welcome to Manufaktur Lichtbild


On this blog you will find a lot about photography and printing … I will offer workshops and tutorials as well, so it is worth while to come back …

I´m a self tought photographer for many many years and I use a medium format camera and a full frame camera as well. I do fine art prints myself. I use Epson printers and Hahnemühle fine art paper.

I hope you enjoy this blog and I´m very happy to get your feedback. This blog will be my main public source as I really don´t like Facebook, Instagram or any other so called social media … I´m planing to leave both in the next couple of weeks, so please subscribe to this blog.

If you need a photographer for weddings, portraits, life style shootings or industrial subjects, please visit https://andreas-trnka.fotograf.de/

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In the early evening hours in my hometown Düsseldorf.